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MISSION: To Promote Democracy in Africa Through Education
and Economic Development

Alliance for Democracy in Africa, (ADA), is a Non Profit International Organisation working to encourage Africans, particularly women, children, and youth, to study, internalize, and practise the values of democracy in their societies.


Partnership with Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA

ADA is pleased to announce a partnership with Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. ADA and Juniata will work together in setting up appropriate programs and projects that are mutually beneficial to the students and faculty of the college and to ADA. To this end, Professor Emil Nagengast, his wife Dr. Kati Csoman, son Otto, and students of Juniata visited The Gambia and became active in several projects, including information technology training. Juniata College students are providing weekly computer technology training at Sheikh Mass Kah Senior Secondary School.

In addition, Professor Nagengast was very impressed with the recently created project called "Youth Economic Empowerment Through Carpentry" and undertook to closely monitor this project.

In Spring 2010 ADA and Juniata College set up the first stages of the �Democracy through Soccer� program. Juniata College provided soccer shoes and equipment to the ADA Student Club at Sheikh Mass Kah Senior Secondary School. ADA expects the �Democracy through Soccer� program to grow into something that will involve several Gambian Senior Secondary Schools and include direct sponsorship of the ADA Gambian student clubs by universities and clubs in the United States and Europe.

Juniata College is also sponsoring a �Gambian News Competition� for students at Sheikh Mass Kah. The competition will be held on 22 May 2010 and first prize will be 2,000 Dalasis. The aim of this competition is to encourage Gambian students to become better informed about Gambian current events by reading Gambian newspapers. In collaboration with the ADA, Juniata College is donating Gambian newspapers every week to the students of Sheikh Mass Kah.


ADA believes that peace and democracy can only be achieved through Education and to this end, we have implemented the following programs:

  1. Women's Literacy
    Objectives: To Train Women in Literacy and Business Skills; To Build Women's Capacity for Economic Empowerment through Income Generating Activities.
    Currently,300 women are being trained in literacy, numeracy and business skills in Tallinding, Serrekunda East, Kampassa, Foni Jarrol, Dutabulu, Illiasa, Sutukonding, Wuli West and Sutukoba in Wuli East.

  2. Early Childhood Development
    Objectives: To Train the Youth in Various Skills for Economic Empowerment and Leadership.
    We are actively involved in schools in Tallinding and Sutukoba where 268 boys and girls from ages 3 to 6 are being trained how to read and write in English, etc.

  3. Robert Cummings Institute for Governance
    This is a Civic Education program that focuses on Democracy and Good Governance, the Rule of Law and Good Governance, Media and Good Governance, Decentralization and Good Governance, Gender and Good Governance, Human Rights, Freedoms and Good Governance, Violent Conflict Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Peace Building, Capacity Building, Voter Education, Elections Observation, Conducting Violent Free Elections, the Role of Youth in Nation Building, etc.

  4. Women's Economic Empowerment Through Income Generating:
    The organization is supporting a Women's Vegetable Garden in Sutukoba, a farming community in Wulli District, 257 miles east of Banjul. More than 700 women and their families benefit directly from this project which is now self-sustaining.
    The organization has also established Soap Making Project for 150 women in Tallinding purposely as an income generating activity. This is increasing women's income generating capacity in addition to the skills they gain from the art of soap making..
    ADA has also just established a Skills Training Center in Bundung, Serrekunda Central, to train women in sewing. Our hope is that this project, in three years time, will also become self-sustaining.

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