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To join the organization, please complete the following:

Name: ______________________________

Address: ____________________________


Telephone No:_______________

E-mail: __________________________


Membership Fees:

Annual membership fee for those living in USA, Europe, and Asia:

Organisation/Institution/Company: $200.00

Family: $100.00

Adult: $50.00

Student: $15.00

Annual membership fee for those living in Africa:

Adult: D300

Family: D600

Organization/Institution/Company: D6,000

Individual Lifetime Membership: D6,000 (one time payment)

Family Lifetime Membership: D12,000 (one time payment)


Please send your contact information and relevant membership fee to:

Dr. Madi Touray
Alliance for Democracy in Africa (ADA)
West Africa Regional Office
P.O. Box 2560
The Gambia

ADA wishes to thank members and donors for their contributions and ongoing support that help maintain current projects and plan future activities.

Donations are tax deductible. Please do not send cash.


In response to a frequently asked question, "what can we get in return for our membership," we would like to point out that ADA supports businesses of our members, for example, we hold public forums in hotels, restaurants, etc. belonging to our members; we provide our members training in computer and other skills; we send members to conferences and workshops in and outside The Gambia; we also offer skills training for income-generating projects such as sewing, vegetable and rice production, soap making,etc.; we train personnel in running nursery schools; and we network in order to secure jobs for some of our members.

Please join us in these worthwhile endeavours!

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