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Alliance for Democracy in Africa (ADA) is a tax exempt nonprofit organization working to encourage Africans, particularly children and youth, to study, internalize and practice the values of democracy in their societies. The organization is not an affiliate of any political party, nor will it affiliate with any political party in Africa, or any other country.

In many African countries advocates of democracy lack both institutions for and experience with democratic practice. Alliance for Democracy in Africa will ally with a global network of volunteer experts to provide practical assistance to civic and political leaders advancing democratic values and practices.

The organization will work with democrats in African countries to build civic organizations and promote citizen participation. The organization will work with advocates of democracy to end conflict and promote peaceful political change. Both historical and current perspectives in Africa have shown that the absence of democracy breeds conflict within societies and among nations. Therefore, democracy building programs in Africa are an investment in peace.

The organization will not impose solutions nor will it advocate that one democratic system can be replicated in another country. Instead, the organization will share experiences and offer a range of options so that leaders can adapt practices and institutions that work best for their situation. Alliance for Democracy in Africa will also provide citizens and their elected representatives resource materials, consultations and training on the practical tools of democracy.

ADA is pleased to announce that the following institutions and organizations are members and supporters of ADA:

Africa Studies Department, Howard University
Juniata College, Pennsylvania, USA
School of Human Services, Miami,Florida, USA
Sheikh Mass Kah Senior Seconday School,Bakau, Gambia
Nyakoi High School, Gambia
Each One Teach One (EOTO), Serrekunda, Gambia
Wuli Association for Development (WAD), Sutukonding, Gambia
Wuli and Sandu Development Agency (WASDA), Jaa Kunda, Gambia

ADA's West Africa region's Gambia Chapter has an office located at 67 Kombo Sillah Drive, Brikama Highway, Sererekunda, The Gambia. Members are as follows.

Board of Directors:

Hon. Borry LDB Dolley
Mr. Omar S.M. Gibba
Mr. Famara Dampha
Mr. Dawda Jallow
Alh. Musa Manneh
Mr. Mawdo Suso
Mr. Alieu Darboe, Chairman
Mr. Madi Touray, Secretary

The Secretariat

Mrs. Lucille Read-Jatta
Ms. Fanta Mboge
Ms. Binta Sidibeh
Mr. Mang Jatta
Mr. Kemo Touray

The secretariat is responsible for every aspect of ADA's activities including the supervision of the various branches in the country.

The following individuals are in charge of running ADA in The Gambia:

1. Mrs.Awa Camara,Administrative Assistant
2. Mrs.Nanta Jaiteh,Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Tel: 9949683
3. Mr.Ali Ceesay,Sensitization and Training Coordinator, Tel 9903201
4. Mr.Sana Jatta,Sensitization and Training Officer
5. Mr.Alagie Nyassi,Coach,"Democracy Through Soccer", Sheikh Mass Kah High School
6. Mr.Alagie Touray,Coach,"Democracy Through Soccer, Nyakoi High School
7. Mr.Sheriffo Kora,Information Technology Trainer

The following income generating activities are taking place as follows:

Branch Name Project
Gunjur, Western Region Soap Making
Busumbala, Western Region Tie and Dye
Banjul North, Banjul Sewing
Jarumeh Koto, Central River Region Sewing/Women's Literacy
Sutukonding, Upper River Region Tie/Dye/Women's Literacy
North Bank Region. Rice Farming/Women's Literacy
Sutukoba, Upper River Region Vegetable Gardening/Women's Literacy
Sheikh Mass Kah High School, Bakau IT Training/Library
Tallinding, Kanifing Municipality Soap Making, Tie/Dye, Woodwork and Carpentry,
Farato, Western Region Early Childhood Development/Tie /Dye
Guinea Conakry Fruit Drying for Women Members

Executive Committee for ADA Branches in Gambia


Income-Generating Activity: Leather Works and Sewing

1. Haja Fatou Bah, Chair Lady, Tel: 9903237
2. Haja Yama Faal, Vice Chair Lady
3. Madam Sey Mboob, Secretary
4. Haja Yasin Sabally, Treasurer
5. Madam Mbegeh Kah, Auditor


Income-Generating Activity: Batik and Sewing

1. Madam Fatou Marong, Chair Lady
2. Madam Faye Fatty, Vice Chair Lady
3. Mr.Alnso Fadera, Secretary
4. Tunko Jobarteh, Treasurer
5. Musu Kebba Darboe, Auditor


Income-Generating Activity: Soap Making

1. Madam Sarjo Dibba, Chair Lady
2. Madam Sarjo Gibba, Secretary
3. Duta Kanteh, Vice Chairman
4. Madam Fatou Nyangado, Treasurer
5. Madam Bintou Colley, Auditor


Income Generating Activity:Vegetable and Fruit Farming

1. Mrs.Matida Jaiteh, Chairlady
2. Mrs.Aya Kanmateh, Vice Chairlady
3. Mrs.Titi Jabai, Auditor
4. Mrs.Tida Jagne, Treasurer
5. Mrs.Kaddy Camara, Administrative Assistant

Advisers: Mrs.Teneng Touray, Mrs.Siraba Dansira, Mrs.Siraba Kani, and Mr.Alkali Jatta


Income Generating Activity: Tie-Dye and Sewing

1. Mrs. Binta Sanyang, President
2. Mrs. Fanta Barrow, Vice President
3. Mrs. Mariama Sanyang, Treasurer
4. Mrs. Jarra Jabbie, Secretary
5. Mrs. Mariama Sissawo, Auditor


Income Generating Activity: Soap Making (ongoing)

1. Mrs.Janke Sonko, President
2. Mrs.Maya Kunta, Vice President
3. Mrs.Fatou Touray, Auditor
5. Mrs.Mariama Mbye, Treasurer
6. Mr.Ebrima Sanneh, Secretary

Members will maintain regular contacts with one and other as well as with the board of directors. Some of the members will focus more in sending out proposals for funding in addition to other fundraising activities. Members will continue to work closely with communities where projects exist. This committee will represent ADA in various capacities. All future ADA programs and projects will be approved by this committee before they are forwarded to the Board of Directors.

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